Over the years Trigram has helped our clients explore, and expand to, new markets outside their original home country. On behalf of our clients, Trigram has helped to create entire business operations and worked to market, brand and sell existing products in new market. Trigram specializes in finding strategic partners for our clients that can help them expand into new markets, minimizing risks, start-up costs and increasing the launch of new enterprises.

Trigram is currently working with a USA based manufacturer of energy saving products. Our client’s energy saving product has been successfully sold in the USA market and Trigram is now working to introduce their unique product into the Middle East. To support our client’s growth plan in the Middle East, we’ve supplied marketing and engineering support as well as helped create a Strategic Partnership with a leading Reseller in the region.

Our services have included:

++ Market analysis to best meet the challenges and avoid pitfalls
++ Strategic planning, system integration, infrastructure, management, marketing, & sales
++ International & new market networking
++ Identifying and connecting with possible Strategic Partners to best position new projects for success