Bruce Barwick – Founder and Managing Partner, MBA

Mr. Barwick has over 30 years of experience in developing business opportunities worldwide. He has an extensive background in corporate finance and operations and has held numerous senior executive positions in several fortune 500 companies.

Mr. Barwick has held academic appointments at George Washington University and the University of Maryland as an adjunct professor. He has created new businesses, re-engineered failing operations, and created partnerships for clients to ensure growth and success particularly in new markets. He is a forward thinker oriented toward problem-solving and capturing growth opportunities for clients.

William R. Beam – Senior Consultant & Chair of Advisory Board

Mr. Beam has over 40 years of healthcare experience and has served in many senior executive management positions in both the public and private sectors in the US and internationally. Over the years, he has built an extensive network of healthcare relationships representing every market sector in healthcare.

Mr. Beam worked in the Silicon Valley, where he developed his very unique skill sets in starting companies, project management, process engineering, quality improvement, business development and contract administration. Upon his return to healthcare, he quickly began applying his skills bringing a new paradigm to the healthcare market.

Since the 1990s, Mr. Beam has been involved in reengineering healthcare strategies for countries, corporations and healthcare associations. As such, he was recruited by the Chairman of JCAHO, to assist with developing their JCI marketing plan. This project led Mr. Beam to Singapore where he met the Senior Minister of State, Dr. Sadasivan Balaji and the co-founder of Parkway Group Health, Dr. Lim CheokPeng, to develop their market strategy for MENA patient travel.


Other Core Team Members
Trigram’s core team of consultants include specialists in a wide variety of subjects, including Information Technologies, Finance, Marketing, Strategic Planning, Pharmacy operations, Strategic Partnerships and business operations.