Trigram America, LLC (Trigram) is an international business development and consulting company specializing in providing unique solutions for its clients throughout the Far East, Middle East, Europe and North America. Senior executives of Trigram represent some of the most highly accomplished business and healthcare experts in the world. Among our core team are former healthcare & hospital administrators, accomplished business executives and well-seasoned strategic consultants.

The typical Trigram client profile ranges from small to large companies, universities, and healthcare organizations. The services performed by Trigram are highly confidential and extremely proprietary.

Trigram specializes in Business Development with the singular goal of growing your business. Our projects and expertise range from helping our clients find new markets, re-position their products and services, re-engineer operations to gain efficiencies, and obtaining and forming Strategic Partnerships to help our clients quickly enter a new market more expediently, cost effectively, with minimal risk and a much higher degree of success.

Trigram’s ongoing success rests with our proven ability to help our clients best define their primary objectives, identify their critical path for success and to routinely utilize our extensive network of solid relationships/partnerships throughout the world. Another key distinction, we are neutral. We are not owned by any healthcare system or affiliated company or organization. We maintain a fiduciary responsibility solely with our clients. This client-focused approach ensures that our clients remain the architects of their project and we creatively build to their specific design.